Is back this year and will again coincide with the 55th Annual AHAF Holiday Festival Horse Show
NOVEMBER 24-25, 2023
World Equestrian Center | Ocala, Florida



keystone arabian experience


Keystone Arabian Horse experience is driven by The Arabian Promotional Fund, with a goal of promoting the Arabian horse to those communities outside of our own industry.  What better way is there to accomplish that, than to honor both national and local charities at this event.  

In 2022 we are proud to announce that The Keystone Arabian Experience raised over $50,000 to benefit these worthwhile organizations:

Black Stallion Reading Project
Horses N Heroes of Marion County

a glimpse from last year...


These seven Keystone classes will be featured at our 2023 event at the AHAF Holiday Festival Show…All held in the Grand Prix Arena at WEC, Friday & Saturday evening, to coincide with additional AHAF Holiday Show classes for that session.  In addition, the sessions included exciting entertainment performances by Sylvia Zerbini!

Keystone Purebred Western Pleasure Jackpot
Pro-Am Challenge

Open to all Purebred Arabian Western Pleasure Horses 3 & Older and will include one professional rider and one amateur rider for each entry.
Thank you to our sponsor,
Palmetto Arabians

$25,000+ AEPA
Arabian Country English Pleasure Pro-Am Challenge

Participants must be AEPA Eligible Arabians, and will include one professional rider and one amateur rider for each entry.

Thank you to our sponsors,
AEPA & Strawberry Banks

Arabian Hunter Pleasure Pro-Am Challenge

Participants must Purebred Arabian Hunter Pleasure Horses 3 & Over, and will enter with one professional rider and one amateur rider.

Thank you to our sponsors Equine Athlete and Schneiders Saddlery

Anvil Arabians
Best In Show Halter Championship

This Class will be open to all Purebred Arabian Junior Champions and Senior Champions from the AHAF Holiday Show where they will compete for a Supreme Halter Championship and Prize Money. 

Thank you to our sponsor
Anvil Arabians

Native Costume Championship

This class will be an open class for
Purebred Mounted Native Costume entries.

Thankyou to our sponsor
Barta Show Horses

Native Costume Championship

This class will be an open class for
Half-Arabian Native Costume entries.

Thank you to our sponsor
Hagale Family Arabians

$2500 Egg & Spoon Showdown

One of the highlights of the show!  This class is open to any Arabian or Half-Arabian entered at the show!  One rule…drop your egg, and you are OUT!  Costumes, challenges and FUN are encouraged! 50% of all entry fees go back to the Jackpot and 50% goes to our selected charities!

Thank you to our Sponsor Purina Mills

Keystone Classes
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Keystone classes

All of the Keystone Events are aimed to engage our large audience of spectators and newcomers visiting the event!

The judging of our Keystone Jackpot classes will help us do that by engaging the audience directly with a Crowd Vote!  The Crowd Vote Winner will be presented with an award in each of the eligible Keystone classes!

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The Keystone’s premier element is the installation of an Arabian Horse EXPERIENCE BARN.  This barn will be open to all spectators visiting the our events and will allow newcomers to get up close and personal with our Arabian Ambassador horses. 

Inaugural Keystone EXPERIENCE Barn, Sponsored by Dr. Nancy O’Reilly, Amazing Horsewoman LLC.


A series of educational stations will be displayed to allow people hands-on educational experience with the Arabian horse.


The adjacent Lugano arena will offer an area for live demonstrations of Arabian versatility and opportunities to meet, touch and ride Arabian horses.


The EXPERIENCE barn will also house Arabian Ambassador horses that will meet all visitors in a hands-on visiting opportunity.


The experience barn will include Children's Games & Engagement activities to entertain children with the Arabian Horse. Merchandise and even Christmas Card photo opportunities with the Arabian Horse.

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