What Is Keystone?

The Keystone Arabian Horse Experience is a group of events designed to attract and educate newcomers to the Arabian Horse. By providing a flexible template to promote Arabian Horses, Keystone Events are an intimate, introductory hands-on Arabian horse meeting. It is accompanied by a robust, entertaining learning experience, it will engage and educate adults and children alike. The Keystone is being designed to partner well with an existing horse show or auction event, or as a stand-alone effort for clubs and individual farms, lesson programs, and trainers.

This outreach is accomplished by four basic elements, held together by our center “Keystone,” the Arabian Horse. The components of this event template are:

  • EDUCATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT: To include entertainers, presentations, clinics, and demonstrations.

  • JACKPOT CLASSES: Representing the versatility of our breed with quality horses. These classes offer the opportunity for the spectators and visitors to participate in the show itself, with voting software that directly influences the class results.

  • EXPERIENCE BARN: This barn is solely dedicated to offering a hands-on, personal experience of the Arabian Horse. It includes Educational tours (including examples like general horse care, vet/farrier station, hands on painting/touching of horses, etc), Ambassador horses, children’s activities, photo opps and merchandise providing true family fun for everyone.

  • CHARITY PARTNERSHIPS: By partnering each event with a local or national charity, we create relationships for sourcing our spectators and show that the Arabian Horse is one that gives back to the community.

Inaugural Keystone Charity
Arabian Horse Experience

November 25-26 at the AHAF Holiday Festival Show
World Equestrian Center, Ocala, Florida

ENTERTAINMENT: Featured Arabian entertainers Wild Ice Entertainment (stunt riding), Sylvia Zerbini Liberty Performances, and Master of Ceremonies, Scott Christmas.

JACKPOT CLASSES: 6 large prize classes will be highlighted in the Evening Sessions of the Holiday Festival Horse Show. Currently over $160,000 in prize money allocated to classes which will have a crowd voting App, to encourage participation from the audience.

EXPERIENCE BARN: 15 Ambassador Horses, Educational tours, Art Activities, Photo Booth and Training demonstrations.

Project Hope, Ocala
Horses N Heroes, Marion County
Wounded Warrior Project

WHY WEC? High visibility • Ocala is a growing Arabian horse community • An evolving Local Equine marketplace • Spectator traffic • No 1 facility in the world • Tourist Destination

WHY THANKSGIVING? Average 4,000 unique visitor per day through WEC facility • Festival of Lights local Promotion • To coincide with their Opening weekend of the Festival of Lights • Families looking for activities • Kids are out of school • Large amount of out-of-state family visitors • Shared costs with like-minded horse show management

WILL KEYSTONE BE EXCLUSIVE TO WEC/THANKSGIVING?  NO … this venue and date will offer the strongest opportunity for a successful introduction of this model. The Keystone will be created and branded to be used at many applicable destinations.

WHAT ELEMENTS WILL THE KEYSTONE EXPERIENCE OFFER INTERNALLY THAT WILL MAKE PARTICIPANTS COME BACK? Engagement with a new audience • Destination venues • New “playground” to enjoy and share their horses • A variety of Jackpot classes • Fun • Easier schedule

WHAT ELEMENTS WILL THE KEYSTONE EXPERIENCE OFFER NEWCOMERS THAT WILL MAKE PARTICIPANTS COME BACK? Destination Venues • Entertainment • Family Participation • Education • Hands on horse Experience