Warrior Horses For Warrior Kids

Prepared For Battle...

Warrior Horses for Warrior Kids was started as a means to share a connection between horses and children with cancer. Specifically Arabian horses. Ryan Melendez was 17 years old and was a member of the Arabian horse community, along with his family when he was diagnosed with cancer. The Arabian Horse Community offered him and his family tremendous support. Ryan felt the love and prayers from everyone and was overwhelmed with gratitude, but while fighting his own battle he began to take notice of many children, most of them quite younger than he, that were without that support. It become clear to Ryan that he needed to share this connection between an Arabian horse and a child battling cancer, because like it was for him, the Arabian Horse would allow an escape for other children from their hospital rooms and isolating bedrooms.  

The program was designed for children battling cancer to be connected to their Warrior Horse through pictures, videos and most often, watch them complete at horse shows online through live feeds. If the children live close enough to the Warrior Horse’s barn, they are able to experience a “meet and greet” and truly feel the love of an Arabian horse. To witness the first time a child battling cancer meets their Warrior Horse, it’s magical. The preconceived “ fiery” Arabian settles right down to become the most docile and gentle creature. The Arabian horse senses the much needed connection this child craves… and instantly becomes the Warrior Horse to fight along side their battle of cancer!  

After treatment, many of these children continue their interaction with their Warrior Horse and several have taken up riding lessons at their barns. Some have progressed enough to even show at local Arabian horse shows. The cancer fight can be very lonely, that takes a warrior to overcome, so it’s only fitting that the first “Warrior Horse,” the Arabian, team up with these Warrior Kids to face the battle together. 

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Why Arabian Horses Can Help You

Endure The Battle

Horses offer a unique ability to feel and interpret human emotion, particularly Arabian horses which makes them ideal partners for children going through an emotional time.  Connecting with a Warrior Horse during a vulnerable time can offer a child and their family an empowering bond, and an escape from the battle.

Empowerment 33%
Love 33%
Trust 33%
Strength for the Journey 100%