Restructuring Resolution

Call to Action

The Arabian Horse Promotional Fund is supporting a resolution to modernize AHA, so that it may operate with the efficiency, strategy, transparency and accountability characteristic of successful businesses.

Once restructured we are optimistic that AHA will be positioned for success. The newly structured AHA will be able to:

  • Unite: Unify our broad base of Arabian horse lovers.

  • Revamp : Refresh how the Arabian breed is perceived, highlighting their emotional intelligence, beauty, spirit and rich history.

  • Innovate: Transform our Arabian horse shows into Events that are fun, rewarding, entertaining, educational and competitive
    experiences, appealing to participants and spectators alike. Develop the best horse registration system in the world.

  • Market: to provide leadership in the marketing of Arabian horses.

  • Grow: Significantly expand the Arabian horse and its community.

Join Us in Shaping AHA’s Future
The Promo Fund is endorsing leaders that embrace a new vision for our Arabian horse community starting with Lisa Blackstone, acandidate for AHA President. We will also be endorsing board candidates as they emerge that share this vision.

This November, your support for the resolution to restructure AHA is crucial. By uniting as a community, we can embark on a transformative journey towards a thriving future for AHA and the Arabian horse breed.

Your Voice Matters
We are committed to a data-driven, transparent approach that prioritizes the welfare of the Arabian Horse Community. For updates and to register your support, visit us at:

Together, let’s usher in a new era for AHA, grounded in professionalism, strategic vision, and collective action.


The Restructuring Resolution Team

Lisa Blackstone
Peter Conway
Becky Nash
Mary Trowbridge
Ralph Manning
Liz Haar
Tex Cam
Russ Taylor

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Zoom Call: Restructuring Team Update #1




Join the Movement

A Letter to Members of 
the Arabian Horse Community...

How do we turn around our Arabian Horse Breed? How do we reverse the dangerous downward trends within our industry? We invite you to join us in this vital journey of transformation.

The Arabian Horse Promotional Fund recently gathered in Ocala after the Thanksgiving horse show for a pivotal discussion hosted by Peter and Lori Conway surrounding the pressing challenges faced by the Arabian Horse Breed and the Arabian Horse Association (AHA).

A diverse group of over 60 attendees included AHA Board members, the Executive Director, a past President, show managers, farm owners, breeders and trainers united over a shared goal: revitalizing our beloved breed.  This meeting was intentionally positive and forward looking.  The key question posedWhat can we do to make our organization more effective?  The consensus view was that over the past 20 years many good people in leadership have worked very hard with good intentions and yet the results have been ineffective.

The Problem: AHA’s primary mission, promoting the Arabian horse, has been hindered by an outdated, antiquated and cumbersome organizational structure. This has contributed to a significant decline in horse registrations, membership, and show participation. Despite well-intentioned efforts by AHA leadership over the past two decades, the current approach is no longer sustainable in today’s rapidly changing 21st century world.  The root cause of the problem is that we have a:

  • Member service organization unable to react quickly and effectively in today’s fast paced rapidly changing business environment
  • An outdated and ineffective governance structure
  • Lack of effective long term strategic planning

These drivers have resulted in our inability to effectively respond to external factors including but not limited to increasing cost, inaccessibility and cultural change that have led to an alarming decline in Arabian horse participation.    The result is an UNSUSTAINABLE trend line over the past 20 years despite a total horse population of over 7.2 million in the United States where over 17% of the horse population is engaged in competitive activities and where a full 1/3 of all U.S. households have some involvement in horses.  The macro trends of the overall horse industry support future growth while the trends in the Arabian horse industry do not.   The history of decline in the Arabian horse industry over the past 20 years is self-evident:

  • Registrations of Arabian horses (pure and half) have dropped from 14,429 per year to 4010 per year, a decline of 80%
  • Membership has plummeted from 40,110 t0 15,862, a decline of 64%
  • Local shows are disappearing
  • Participation at Regional shows is declining

For further context, the Merger Agreement of 2002 between IAHA and the Registry that created today’s AHA recognized the need for change and required the new organization engage a governance consultant to address these issues.

  • In 2003 AHA engaged Management Advisors, Inc at a cost of over $200,000 to conduct an organizational assessment and make recommendations.
  • In 2007 AHA engaged Charney Associates at a cost of over $200,000 to conduct an organizational assessment and make recommendations.
  •   Both consulting firms made similar recommendations including:
    • Reduce the size of the board – too large in current form to be effective
    • An Association this size must be run like a business and be staffed accordingly
    • Its board must have the authority to implement strategic planning and other changes in a timely manner

Needless to say, the recommendations above have not been successfully implemented.  There is no need to engage more consultants when we know what needs to be done.  It is time to execute, not produce another study.    There is no time to wait. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.

Group Consensus: There is an urgent need for change.  After a 6-hour discussion, the group unilaterally recognized the necessity to transform AHA into a nimble, strategic, and effective organization in order to attract new people to our community and reverse these alarming and unsustainable trends. Key areas requiring immediate attention include:

  • Governance Structure Reform:
    • Reduce the size of the Board to a more manageable size, directly accountable to the membership,
    • Amend current requirement that Board members be a designated representative from a particular region of the country to a set of defined qualifications for executive level Board members i.e. must possess the requisite business management experience combined with a deep understanding of the Arabian horse community,
    • Empower Regional Directors to appoint a portion of the Board,
    • Enable the delegation to elect a majority of the Board directly.
  • Strategic Planning: Developing long-term strategies to enhance breed awareness, increase participation, and adapt to market changes.
  • Member Engagement: Actively seeking input from our community to guide necessary changes.
  • Technology and Business Approach: Modernizing our operational tools and adopting a business-like approach to improve efficiency and member experience.

Next Steps

  • Sign up here TODAY to receive ongoing communications about how you can Be A Part of The Solution!
  • Stay tuned for announcements regarding our upcoming Zoom calls beginning in January.
  • Together we will draft a resolution for bylaw changes, seeking approval from the Purebred Arabian Trust “PAT” and aiming for a 2/3 majority at the 2024 convention.

It is critical that the AHA membership unite around a common plan/goal if we expect to turnaround our Association and the Arabian breed!

Call to Action:  It is critical that the members of AHA unite around one common vision!  This is a pivotal moment for our community.  To enact these changes, we need your active participation and support. We will be holding Zoom calls via the Arabian Horse Promotional Fund to discuss and define the necessary bylaw changes. Your insights and ideas are invaluable as we chart a new course for our organization.

The Alternative?

If not now, when? If these trends continue in just a few short years we will have no more local shows, more Regional shows will decline, memberships and registrations will be so meager our Association may not be sustainable.  We must fix the problem or face extinction!

Failure to be brave enough to change will end up being our own failure to the Arabian horse, the community that surrounds them today, and the many people still unaware of the life changing values that come from this amazing horse.

Will you join us?

It is time for all of us who love the Arabian breed to get involved, to define the needed changes, and to step up and be part of the solution.


Arabian Horse Promotional Fund

Join the Movement

For Love of the Arabian Horse...

The Arabian Horse Promo Fund came into the world five short years ago when it became clear that our current organization could not be all things to all facets of a diverse Arabian community.

Promoting our breed to the world beyond our existing community is a vastly different enterprise than the membership services required by our organization today, and after many years of trying to accomplish both from within the AHA, the founders of the AHPF recognised the need for a separate vehicle to revitalise that mission.

Once we were on that path, however, it became ever clearer how vital  an effective, 21st century organization that supports the internal  community is to engaging and maintaining new people once they are smitten with this incredible horse.  We are all currently living in a moment that bears witness to the voids  that a lack of structural change have helped to create, and the pressing question becomes, if not now, when?

This endeavor is simply an effort, started by a small group in conjunction with the board of directors of the Arabian Horse Promotional Fund, to engage us all to improve the organizational structure of the AHA so it can more nimbly enable our community  to thrive and create greater opportunities for growth and ownership of the Arabian horse.

Children Lessons

The Arabian Horse Academy offers multiple programs in both Santa Ynez and Hidden Hills, California.  The Lessons learned through regular exposure and personal experience with Arabian Horses are immeasurable.

Trust 80%
Responsibility 80%
Pride 100%
Self-Esteeem 100%