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The Arabian Horses for Humanity project was created in the fall of 2016 to bring a life size artistic rendition of the world’s oldest breed of horse to communities around the world, in order to highlight the beauty and human/horse bond that is intrinsic to the breed. For thousands of years the Arabian horse has united people of all cultures and nationalities through its innate ability to interact with humans and help them move forward in life.

Today the life size renderings of the statue, created by renowned equine artist Karen Kasper, are being sponsored by various businesses and individuals, painted in a myriad of ways, then donated to various pediatric hospitals and charities around the country to raise money for children’s health issues.

The Arabian Horses for Humanity project aims to enable the Arabian horse to continue to assist mankind in their needs to move forward in life, as it has since the beginning of time, and to bring people from all walks of life together in a shared goal and appreciation of these unparalleled horses, the horses that have the ability to change lives.

Sponsor a statue


Commissioned by:
Finlistics Solutions for William Shatner’s Annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show
Benefitting: Los Angeles Children’s Hospital Artist: Jaime Tovar
Winning Benefactor: Manny Vierra


World-renowned mascot for the Denver Broncos football team.
Painted by world famous artist Duke Beardsley and unveiled at the 2017 Arabian Horse Convention in Denver.


Commissioned by:
Grace Rushing, to raise money for The Wounded Warriors program and The Arabian Horsemen’s Distress Fund.
Artist: Kathy Scott


Commissioned by: Lisa Blackstone
Artist: Zan Economopoulos to honor the legendary members of the Arabian breed. Auctioned in 2018 to Benefit the Warrior Horses for Warrior Kids program, where he sold to Dan and Maureen Grossman for $75,000.


Commissioned by: Arabian Market Development and Pro-motional Committee with help from Finn Listics Solutions
Artist Britto Romero


The vision, developed by Duane Esser, and templated by sculptor Karen Kasper, then taken to the Cincinnati Art Institute where students donated their artistic talents and time, transferring the vision to the statue. Artists include Lindsey Prince, Mary Kurlas and Summer Frost


Hero For Humanity is sponsored by the Region 9 organization of the Arabian Horse Association and was gifted to the 3d Cavalry Association of Fort Hood, TX. Fort Hood resident, Mackenzie Lima, designed and painted Hero’s patriotic theme, and he has found a fantastic home with great people at ROCK in Georgetown, TX. ROCK offers all kinds of equine assisted activities, including therapy specifically for Veterans.


Sundance Kid V was commissioned to represent the Arabian horse at the Bill Shatneer Charity Horse Show, where he was auctioned to benefit the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. The cast was donated by Palmetto Arabians, owned by Frank and Sara Chisholm and painted by world renowned artist Edward Lentsch.


This majestic Arabian Horse has been created and painted by Tina Hillstrom aka, Artist Tina O, for the Richard & Georgiann Ames Family Foundation, symbolizing the essence of vitality, the jubilant effervescence of life-sustaining oxygen. The "bubbles" are representative of a flute of champagne or the spheres of air in a Pelegrino, as we raise our glasses to toast the noble cause of vanquishing cancer and celebrating life.