Arabian Horse Riding Academy

The Program...

Our mission is to promote the love and loyalty of the Arabian horse at the grassroots level through activities, education, and enjoyment. Our youth programs highlight the versatility and kindness of the Arabian horse while allowing children to organically develop as equestrians at their own pace. Additionally, we offer grants and work programs for families to fulfill their dreams of riding an Arabian horse.

Since our program began in 2019, we’ve welcomed (13) new Arabian horse-owning families. These families were first exposed to the magic of the Arabian horse through our program. We’re so proud and grateful that over 27 pure and half Arabians are now being cherished creating memories with their families. The future is bright.

Winner of the 2021 Arabian Horse Assoc. Discovery Farm of the Year award!


New Horse Families
Horses with New Homes
Summer Camps, Holiday Camps, Shows

Children Lessons

The Arabian Horse Academy offers multiple programs in both Santa Ynez and Hidden Hills, California.  The Lessons learned through regular exposure and personal experience with Arabian Horses are immeasurable.

Trust 80%
Responsibility 80%
Pride 100%
Self-Esteeem 100%

Why Arabians...

Most people don’t realize, the Arabian horse is one of the most versatile in the world. As the oldest true breed in the world, these amazing animals have been used in everything from western barrel racing to endurance to three-day eventing and more. At AHRA we teach our students about the versatility of the breed and why they are so adept at so many types of riding experiences.

Arabians were bred to be a member of the family and this trait makes them especially suited in a children’s riding program. Every day when the kids come for lessons, all the horses are standing at the gate, ready for the day’s activities. They form close bonds with the children and I love how predictable and reliable they are. There’s no other breed as versatile or kind as the Arabian horse.