The Arabian Horse Promotional Fund

The Arabian Horse Promotional Fund, Inc., EIN# 83-0535751, was established in 2018 and received its official non-profit status from the IRS on March 8, 2019.    The Arabian Promo Fund was established to promote the Arabian horse to people beyond its existing community through a variety of different efforts to introduce, educate and attract people to the breed.  
Currently, the fund hosts several different entities as projects under its umbrella that align with its mission statement, such as the Arabian Horses For Humanity Project, Experience Arabian Horses Magazine, The Arabian Horse Riding Academy, and The Keystone Arabian Experience Charity Event.   The fund provides a singular way for people interested in promoting the Arabian horse beyond our existing borders to donate tax deductible funds specifically for this purpose.  
The Arabian Horse Promotional Fund is a completely separate fund from any other entity, and is managed by a separate board, by-laws and maintains an independent bank account managed expressly to promote the Arabian horse.
The Board of Directors consists of:
Becky Nash, President
Lisa Blackstone, Vice President
Mary Trowbridge, Secretary
Peter Conway, Treasurer