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Lessons Learned

The lessons that horses teach their human are truly priceless. Regardless of your age, a relationships with an Arabian horse can offer you more than you know…


Learning to interact and communicate with horses has a positive impact on people of all ages; teaching trust, connection and companionship.


All successful horses have a committed rider/handler. When a person has a relationship with a horse, they commit to trusting each other in setting and working toward their goals.


Nothing feels better than watering a challenge of learning a new skill. Successfully communicating with a 1000+ pound animal is a confidence booster for all riders/handlers and truly offers a sense of pride like no other.

Quality Time

No parent nor child remembers their first trip to the shopping mall or the first time they watched TV...but the will most definitely remember their first time meeting a horse, crossing a successful jump, or galloping on horseback the first time.