Arabian Horse Promotional Fund

The Arabian Horse Promotional Fund, Inc., EIN# 83-0535751, was established in 2018 to promote the Arabian horse to people beyond its existing community through a variety of different efforts to introduce, educate and attract people to the breed.

Share The Connection

The Arabian Promo Fund supports programs and is solely focused on connecting this magnificent breed to people of all ages, classes and abilities…


The Arabian Horse Promotional Fund is here to support our own community and to reach those communities outside of our immediate industry, spreading the joy, love and connection of the Arabian Horse.

Board Of Directors

The Arabian Horse Promotional Fund is a completely separate fund from any other entity, and is managed by a separate board, by-laws and maintains an independent bank account managed expressly to promote the Arabian horse.  The Board of Directors consists of Becky Nash, President, Lisa Blackstone, Vice President, Mary Trowbridge, Secretary, and Peter Conway, Treasurer.  

Becky Nash, President
Lisa Blackstone, Vice President
Mary Trowbridge, Secretary
Peter Conway, Treasurer
Lara Ames
Lara Ames,
Board Member

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Lessons Learned

The lessons that horses teach their human are truly priceless. Regardless of your age, a relationships with an Arabian horse can offer you more than you know…


Learning to interact and communicate with horses has a positive impact on people of all ages; teaching trust, connection and companionship.


All successful horses have a committed rider/handler. When a person has a relationship with a horse, they commit to trusting each other in setting and working toward their goals.


Nothing feels better than watering a challenge of learning a new skill. Successfully communicating with a 1000+ pound animal is a confidence booster for all riders/handlers and truly offers a sense of pride like no other.

Quality Time

No parent nor child remembers their first trip to the shopping mall or the first time they watched TV...but the will most definitely remember their first time meeting a horse, crossing a successful jump, or galloping on horseback the first time.

Join Us

If you are a Newcomer, and have interest in meeting an Arabian Horse near you or attending one of our events or programs, contact us!

Are you currently and Arabian horse owner or industry participant? Join the Promo Fund as an Arabian Ambassador, volunteer at an event or reach out to us about making a tax-deductible donation to our program.